Places of Worship

Tangier is the crossroads between Europe and Africa, the West and the East. In this city, the Muslims, Christians and Jews live together at peace, and each, whatever might be his origin or his faith, is proud of this ethnic, cultural and religious mixture.

Muslim Religion
There are mosques in every district of Tangier.
Herebelow, you will find the address of some mosques in Tangier. Do not omit to take off your shoes before coming in.
La Grande Mosquée - Siaghines Street, Small Market (Petit Socco), Medina of Tangier.
Syrian Mosque - Al Jamia Al Arabia Square

Christian Religion
Tangier symbolizes its tolerance through the churches it accommodates.
Hereafter, you will find their addresses:
El Kandra - 44, Bd. Anfa, Contact N°: 0539.00.00.00
Cathedral - 55, Sidi Bouabid Street, Contact N°: 0539.93.27.62
Notre Dame de l’Assomption - Omar Ibn Khattab Street, Contact N°: 0539.94.04.26
Iglesia Sagrado Corazon - 2, Ibn Zohr Street
Saint Andrews Church - England Street
The Tangier International Church - Contact N°: 0539.94.08.80 / 0539.33.10.04

Protestant Religion
Protestant Cult - 34, Hassan Ibn Ouezzane Street, Contact N°: 0539.94.08.80

Jewish Religion
Synagogue Chaar Rafael - 26, Bd. Pasteur
Synagogue Ben Atar - 1, Liberté Street