Entertainment and Nightlife

Tangier offers a large range of entertainment during the night: Restaurants - Spectacles, Piano-bars, Casino and Nightclubs.

Tangerines’ nights are inexhaustible. The Hotels, restaurants and piano-bars offer a chic and a muffled atmosphere, rich and varied programming. Should you like to take a beer or an alcoholic beverage, the choices are too large. The most elegant remain the piano-bars of hotels. The most occidental are the Pub, the Chico’s or the London’s Pub. Most of them receive pianists or musical groups.

You will find entertainment also in the hotels’ nightclubs or in the clubs' bars, located at the edge of the beach. You will experience a bustling atmosphere. You may also make a detour through the nightclubs, where the torrid atmosphere is guaranteed. For fun-loving persons, the exotic atmosphere is ensured in most cabarets of Tangier, where decoration, belly dancers and Oriental and Andalusian songs will make you stirred at the rhythm of the Arabian Nights. Evenings not to be missed, indeed! 

Restaurants - Spectacles
Combine business with pleasure, by listening to enchanting songs. Tangier overflows with good addresses:
Al Korsan - 85, Liberté Street, Tel.: 0539.93.58.85
Ali Baba - 136, Avenue des FAR, Tel.: 0539.32.12.94
Associados - Avenue des FAR, Tangier’s Beach, Tel.: 0539.94.04.46
Casa de España - Al Jabha Al Watania Street, Tel: 0539.94.73.59
Le Gourmet - Dawliz Complex, 42, Holland Street, Tel.: 0539.93.39.00
Le Marquis - A18 Bouhtouri Street, Tel.: 0539.94.11.32
Le Mirage - Achakar Road, Cape Spartel, Tel.: 0539.33.33.32
Miramar - 168, Avenue des FAR, Tel.: 0539.93.89.07
Relais de Paris - 42, Holland Street, Dawliz Complex, Tel. : 0539.33.18.19
Restaurant Continental - 36 Dar Baroud, Medina, Tel.: 0539.93.10.24
Restaurant la Pagode - 3, Al Boussairi Street, Tel.: 0539.93.80.86

Atlas Bar - 30 Prince Héritier, Tel.: 0661.92.40.52
Caids Piano Bar - 85, Liberté Street, Tel.: 0539.93.58.85
Ahlen Hotel - km 5, Rabat Road, Tel.: 0539.31.78.32
Bar Tangerine (Hotel El Muniria) - 1 Magellan Street, Tel.: 0539.93.53.37
Wine Bar - El Minzah Hotel, 85 Liberté Street, Tel.: 0539.93.58.85

Movenpick - Malabata Road, Tangier Bay, Tel.: 0539.32.93.00

Blue Dahlia - 42, Holland Street, Tel.: 0539.33.18.20
Borsalino - 30, Avenue Moulay Abdellah, Tel.: 0539.94.41.63
Intercontinental - Parc Brooks, Tel.: 0539.93.60.53
Le Loft - Complex La Rose Bleu, Boubana Road., Tel.: 0662.59.06.13
Oba Oba Disco - Le Mercure (Ex. Les Almohades), Avenue des FAR, Tel.: 0539.94.63.72
Olivia Valere - Ahlen Hotel, Tel.: 0539.35.00.02
Palace - Moussa Ibn Noussair Street, Tel.: 0539.33.24.47
Pasarela Beach Club - Avenue des FAR, Tel.: 0539.94.52.46
Regine Club - 8 Mansour Eddahbi Street, Tel.: 0539.34.02.28
VIP’S Club - Parc Brooks, Tel.: 0539.93.60.53