Business Management

For the smooth running of your business, you are kindly requested to contact us. MTM has a large experience in business management, and will be pleased to offer you its services, which include:

  • Determining the sources of wealth for your company
  • Defining strategy concepts and the strategic analysis; implementing the company's  strategies; defining the production's management modes; this is for the purpose of improving your manufacturing process, your techniques of production and your services
  • Developing a business model in order to increase your income and reduce your operating costs
  • Setting manuals of procedures
  • Human resources management, labour management, recruitment, staff policies (careers' management, personnel valuation, promotion's policies, training, remuneration) and labour laws
  • Defining the concepts of information and communication
  • Financial management, namely the determination of the operating cycles of your company and of its financing sources
  • Risks' management and debts' collection