EsanFundación ESAN (South Europe, North Africa)
Field of Activity: Social and Economic Development of South Europe and North Africa. Cooperation and Company.
proPIE (Promotora de Iniciativas Empresariales)
Field of Activity: Business Centre and Prospecting Business Opportunities in Morocco.
perseidaPERSEIDA Ltd
Field of Activity: Consultancy in Internationalization of Companies in Morocco and Innovation.
cipsaCIPSA (Cordobesa de Informática y Programación)
Field of Activity: Development of Software and Mechanization of Companies. Web Sites.
Field of Activity: JALAN CONSTRUCTION ET INGENIERIE is a Company of Engineering and Project Managership. It brings together different trade associations in order to provide a unique negotiator for an overall service. This multidisciplinary approach enables to limit the intermediaries and makes easier the reactivity in the decision-making.

croninCRONIN Ltd
Field of Activity: CRONIN Ltd is a Company, specialized in the Construction of Buildings and Various Works, ensuring Architecture, Engineering and Building Services.


Field of Activity: SOFT TECHNOLOGY CENTER Ltd is a Company of Computing, offering a high service quality in all fields of COMPUTER activity to its customers, composed of private individuals, professions as well as any kind of Companies. It is mainly centred on the following axis:

1. Training : Software Training, Hardware Training, Certification of Skills
2. Development : Companies’ Study and Computerization, Programming
3. Maintenance and Network: Installation of Network and Telecommunications, Repair and Maintenance, Maintenance Contract
4. System Security and Management: Computer Protection and Security, Surveillance Cameras
5. E-commerce: Sale of Software, Materials and Accessories

Field of Activity: The Travel Agency Rif Planète develops, above all, tours that enhance the value of natural and cultural resources of the North region of Morocco, which, by way of their exceptional diversity and wealth, make it a destination worthy of interest. Rif Planète organizes trips and visits to other regions of the Moroccan Kingdom as well.

It stands out from other travel agencies by its distinguised trips. By offering the visitor comfort, conviviality and high welcome quality, our tours favour and prioritize themes that are more related to the nature, history, culture and to the traditions of the region.