Consultancy and Guidance

MTM accompanies its clients during all the stages of their company management. It puts at their disposal its know-how and professional skills as far as Consultancy and Guidance are concerned.

MTM provides an answer adapted to the specific needs of its clients in terms of tax consultancy, financial and accounting consultancy as well as other kinds of consultancy in accordance with their needs and demands.

Tax Consultancy:
The tax system becomes one of the main concerns for each company given that « to manage better your tax system means to manage better your finances ».

MTM undertakes to ensure a « tax management » which is suitable for your company. For this purpose, a tax diagnosis proved to be essential. In other words, MTM has got a mission to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your company as far as the tax system is concerned, and protect it against any possible tax control. This is with a view to come to a tax management based on sound basis.

To undertake its mission and manage a tax consultancy, MTM will proceed as follows:

  • Examine the tax file of its clients in the first place 
  • Assess the risk of control 
  • Detect the risks related to the  obligations of tax return 
  • Identify the tax risks incurred (by the company as far as corporation tax, licence fee, VAT and other taxes are concerned) resulting from the irregularities made, and correct them as long as it is possible
  • Identify the abnormal management acts, last of all

Financial and Accounting Consultancy:
Besides the tax consultancy, MTM will carries out for its clients an examination of financial statements, with the aim to check their sincerity, their regularity, their conformity and their ability to reflect the faithful image of the company.

To this end, MTM should check that:

  • the accounting, accounts and balance sheets include all the financial operations made by the company in the course of the year
  • all operations have been made regularly with regard to the rules set by the standards
  • all operations are supported by written proofs
  • the inventories are held, in a regular way, and are the subject of adequate controls
  • the financial management is sound and economical

MTM has also got the mission to:

  • supervise and assess the integrity of accounts, operational results, cash flow and the financial information of your company
  • supervise the process placed to guarantee the conformity of the company to the legal and statutory demands, and valuate the impact of developments
  • ensure the appropriateness of financial reporting process, systems of internal accounting and of financial control to the treatment of the group’s consolidated accounts

These provisions regroup the different rules of operation and tasks of MTM.

On the basis of these rules, MTM starts a mission of control, checking, inspection and supervision of accounts, by bringing critical comments.

MTM can also carry out for its clients other kinds of consultancy according to their requests and needs. 

To bring its mission to a successful conclusion, MTM should first examine the target company and its environment, in particular its field of activity, the markets in which it intervenes, the competition with which it is confronted and the legislative and statutory contexts in which it evolves, etc…

MTM will proceed afterwards to the identification of strengths and weaknesses of the main functions of the company: general management, commercial function, purchasing, stocking and production functions, human resources management function, logistic function, management control function, accounting function and internal control function.

MTM has also got the mission to look after the respect for the procedures placed by the Management of your company, and to observe the manner in which the employees work. This will allow studying the methods of work of employees, noting their adaptation to the changes, and looking after the respect for the different legal contexts to avoid any possible problem.

In short, MTM mission consists among other things in:

  • bringing an added value to your company
  • improving the functioning of your company 
  • helping it to reach its objectives

At the end of its mission, MTM will draw up a report to the Management of the company, in which it should:

  • comment on the registrations, accounting systems and controls that were examined
  • make recommendations of improvement when special weaknesses have been identified  as regards the systems and controls mentioned above
  • communicate any other problem identified, which may affect the continuation of the company activities in a significant way or that MTM considers as pertinent
  • provide a specific comment on the pertinence and consistency of the implementation of policies adopted by the company

It is to be pointed out that the services provided by MTM, within the scope of consultancy, will enable the target company to put all chances on its side for the success of its project.

The said works will allow it to protect itself against different risks, in particular:

  • the lack of sincerity of accounts
  • the financial precariousness
  • the drop in profitability
  • the tax and social risks, etc...