Marketing Management

Would you like to market or transform a product in Morocco?
MTM carries out preliminary studies for each product to be launched into the Moroccan market, and puts you in relation with other companies as per your specialty and production capacity in order to expand your field of activity.

Our services include:
  • Defining the marketing approach
  • Knowledge of the market, namely analyzing the supply and demand, market segmentation, typology of consumers, etc…
  • Defining the objectives and elements determining the price of the product, the attitude of competitors, the market constraints, price fixing as from the costs or demand
  • Adapting the product to the evolutions of the environment so that your company will remain in the market
  • Development and implementation of a marketing plan
  • Customer targeting
  • Defining the concept of distribution, its network or channels, the role of distributors, etc…
  • Defining the commercial communication and its forms, namely advertising, sales promotion, sponsorship, etc…
  • Procedure of the registered trademark
  • Development of a marketing mix plan to ensure coherence and effectiveness between the objectives adopted by your company and the actions agreed upon. The marketing mix consists in evaluating and controlling the variables, such as the product, the price, the communication and the distribution
Generally, MTM acts as a business agent for your project in Morocco.