Shopping and Crafts

To keep a souvenir of the Region or to give a present to a friend or simply to fill your basket of needed products, everything is possible in Tangier. The shopping malls, the specialized shops, the hypermarkets and the traditional souks are numerous.
There, you will find everything: local crafts, ready-to-wear clothes, electronic equipments as well as numerous other items.

Benefitting from imports from the inside of the country, in Tangier, you will find beautiful ceramics and embroideries of Tetouan, fabrics and painted woods of Chaouen, as well as Berber pieces of pottery in earth, coming from the region of the Rif.
Also, do not forget to do shopping at the Kasbah; it is the real barracks of Ali Baba, indeed!

In Tangier, the circuit of bazaars is located around the Small Market. The Siaghines street and the Almohades street, (Ex. Rue des Chrétiens “Christians Street”), are the arterial roads, which give access to the big bazaars.

Duty Free Shops of the Port
If you come to Tangier by sea, you may benefit from this duty free supermarket. There, you will find clothes, food, crafts and other gift items. It is intended for travelers going by ferry.

In the nineties, this phenomenon appears in Morocco; the hypermarkets start developing in Tangier. Several national and international shops signs have already been installed. The number is going to increase in the coming years, considering the fact the the region of Tangier - Tetouan is witnessing currently a great dynamics, especially with the development of the Tourist sector in Tangier.

The Markets
The “Souks” or markets are plentiful in Tangier; they are located in almost each district. You will find almost all products: food, electronic equipments, crafts, clothes, etc…
The most well-known markets are as follows:

Le Grand Socco or “the Big Market”
In this covered market, you will find all what you might be in need of: the market of fruits and vegetables, butchers' shops, tripe shops, the fish market, the stores full of various goods (food, household electrical appliances, electronic devices…)
On the other hand, the grocers offer basic foodstuffs (milk, bread, sugar, eggs, cumin, curry powder, paprika, coriander, saffron as well as other condiments). In the olives' market, the shopkeepers spread the various kinds of olives: black, brown, purple, spicy or flavored.

Market of “Casabarata”
In this market, you will find all kinds of goods. The main products are as follows: household electrical appliances, satellite receivers, canned food of all kinds- from the mortadella to the tuna, milk products such as cheeses, yoghurts, etc…You will also find some secondhand goods and parts to purchase at good prices.

“Fondouk Chejra”
This market houses weavers' shops. They are specialized in the cotton fabric of the Rif region, striped white and red, and worn by the countryside people.
In this market, the peasants display their varied colourful goods, composed of fresh vegetables and fruits, food products, etc…
Inside, you will find food products of all kinds, kitchen items and household electrical appliances as well as shoes and clothing shops. 
In general, if you look for a souvenir of Morocco, you will not find anything better than a jellaba, a caftan or oriental slippers “babouches”. Hereafter, you will find a list of good addresses:
Shop El Amrani - 61, Liberté Street, Tel.: 0539.37.40.20
Shop El Kissi - Khalil Matran Street, Tel.: 0539.93.11.56
Shop Jouhara - Holland Street Residence Touria 51 A, Tel.: 0539.93.51.08
Caroline Caftans - 33, Bd Pasteur, Tel.: 0539.93.73.94
Shop Sherazade - 5, France Square, Tel.: 0539.93.75.63
In case you would like to purchase new handbags, scarves, pair of pants, ladies’ suits… in short, the feminine ready-to-wear clothes, to pop in to these places is necessary.
Shop Amine - 7, Mexico Street N°8, Tel.: 0539.93.87.41
Lady Look - Angle Youssef Ben Tachfine Residence MEDITERRANEE Shop N° 29 C, Tel.: 0539.32.12.00
Nouzha Mode - Gallery of England, 1st floor N°10, Tel.: 0539.37.22.22
Oceane - 53, Bd Mohamed V, Tel.: 0539.94.14.99
Men will find fashionable and high-class clothes (Greg, Armani, Boss…) at the shops, galleries and shopping malls of Tangier.
Shop Adam - 1, Belguim Street, Tel.: 0539.93.11.07
Shop 303 Mondo Bello - 4, Oujda Street Residence Ibn Batouta, Tel.: 0539.94.68.89
Shop Mansour - Mexico Street, Tel.: 0539.93.52.15
Habillement Anoual - 38, Liberté Street, Tel.: 0539.94.93.93
New Center - 2, Bd Pasteur, Tel.: 0539.93.40.40
Shop Number One - 11, Al Moutanabi Street N°8, Tel.: 0539.93.03.43