Management of Personal Issues

MTM is also the Partner of Foreign Residents and Non Residents for all operations, of a personal nature.

Whatever might be the kind of problems encountered during your residence or stay in Morocco,
has always the right solution for you. MTM is here to give you all the support and the assistance needed. MTM could start to take the necessary steps with the authorities concerned and public and private institutions to assist and support you and to make your residence or stay pleasant as well. We are well placed to look for and to reach prompt and opportune solutions, and thus saving you the trouble to waste your time or spoil your holidays, trying to solve the problems accumulated during your absence or encountered during your stay in Morocco.

Likewise, MTM could assume the role of a business agent and deal with the daily management of your business and personal needs as well as with the management of your property. Therefore, MTM will proceed to the establishment of contracts of subscription relative to the different services provided, namely:

  • the steps undertaken for obtaining the residence permits
  • the payment of rents, internet, telephone, water and electricity bills as well as solving the related problems
  • the organization of trips and the reservation of hotels' and airline or ferry tickets
  • the recommendation of other service providers such as doctors, lawyers, notaries, architects, etc…
  • Advice on topical questions or other issues of interest, etc...

MTM will devote all its energies and display all its dynamism and know-how to meet your expectations, given that our ultimate goal is not only to come up to your expectations; even more, we look forward to succeeding beyond your expectations.